Below are the surgical fees only.  There will be additional costs from the hospital and where necessary, anaesthetist.  We can only make you aware of the surgical fee but if you would like further information on the other costs we can point you in the right direction.  The GMC advises medical practitioners to publish their fees.

Please note

If you have private medical insurance, it is important to understand the details of your medical insurance cover in order that you avoid unexpected and distressing deficits. Some policies will settle your medical bills in full, leaving you with no balance to pay, but an increasing number of schemes have many and varied restrictions and exclusions. So that you have no doubt about the extent of your insurance, please contact your insurer. Unfortunately, any shortfall will be due from you.

Cosmetic surgical procedures:

Self-Pay Cosmetic Breast Packages


  • Initial consultation £250
  • Follow up consultation £180
  • Emergency consultation & inpatients admission £260
  • Ultrasound scan £170
  • Cosmetic consultation £150
  • Cosmetic follow up consultation £70


Mr Stephenson does a number of private clinics during the week including sometimes early morning and weekends. Please call us to arrange an appointment that best suits you.

Mr Stephenson is registered with all major private medical insurance providers*

We have a special agreement with Bupa UK and their members are allowed to see Mr Stephenson under the Bupa group ‘Guernsey and IOM Practitioners Jersey’ (provider No: 70000078)

For cosmetic procedures we offer a reduced consultation fee of £150 and

follow up appointments charged at £70 prior to surgery

General surgery

General surgery

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